Physics Department

Physics Department

Department of physics has established in 2005 in undergraduate program with 25 students.The department caters to B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Physics) since 2016 and is continuously upgrading itself according to the changing curriculum and needs of the time, from Annual to Semester to CBCS (at PG level since 2020) to NEP-2022 systems at UG level.The department prides itself on the dedication and commitment of both its academic and non-academic staff members, who have been integral to the department's overall development. Their guidance continues to aid students in their pursuit of academic excellence and personality development. Despite limitations of resources, the collective efforts of students, laboratory staff and teachers have delivered wonderful results with continual increase in the number of students scoring 95% in UG and 100% in PG level examination. Our laboratories also reflect the unique dichotomy of our curricula. The department has well equipped Laboratory with sufficient instruments. Access to such laboratories is provided to students and faculty on all working days. The department has well managed library for post graduate student having more than 800 books. As per Syllabus M.Sc.4rth semester students complete their project/dissertation work under the supervision of the departmental teachers which enrich the students with research experience and field knowledge. Over the years, the Physics Department has consistently provided quality education to its students, with particular attention given to those from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The department also organizes extracurricular activities aimed at promoting the holistic development of its students.


With an increased student’s strength, the number of students in each class isincreasing. The Conventional chalk-and-talk teaching with continues to have itsplace of pride in teaching-learning environment. However, self-learning andlearning in group will be encouraged. Our department vision is firstly to enhancethe number of research scholars and the faculty strength and augmenting resourcesand secondly to established well equipped computer lab, well manage library withstandard books, references and journals and separate reading rooms for PG andresearch scholars.


Physics department have a UG and PG programmes but the present infrastructureis not enough according the strength of the students. Our department mission forthe forth coming years is to establish well equipped computer laboratory, researchlab, reading room and separate library for the UG and PG students. Thedepartment is planning to position itself in the best colleges of Uttarakhand. Thedepartment achieves it by the excellent research works, better results with hardwork and determination. The focus of the department in coming years should beon the improvement of the learning-teaching technique and research with the helpof latest technologies and best practices.