Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department is one of the oldest departments in the college from 2003 with the tradition of high-quality teaching in Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. M.Sc. teaching also commenced from 2015. The chemistry department has a pivotal position in science courses (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) The Department began with one faculty members, to conduct classes for the undergraduate students. Now, the strength of the department is three assistant professors with excellent teaching experience and high qualifications like Ph.D. and NET qualified. The faculties are actively involved in teaching and guidance to students. Faculty members are available during college hours for a consultation about their courses.
The chemistry teaching was confined to a three-year course for B.Sc. degree department and the teaching up to the two-year course for M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry and Inorganic chemistry). In the last 20 years, several faculty members joined the department and the department expanded rapidly in terms of teaching and doing experiments. Various faculty members made significant contributions to the strength of the chemistry department. The library has an excellent collection of books and reference materials for PG students. Our strength in the department is the infrastructure of experimental labs. Now, we have two labs for B.Sc. and M.Sc. We are training students with laboratory courses and conducting one project at the end of the M.Sc. course. The labs are arranged and set up with equipment, apparatus, and concentrated chemicals. We are conducting labs every day in the presence of the corresponding faculty. The equipment and techniques are available to undergraduate students and PG students. At the same time, we give excellent guidance and training to students for placed in high profile.

Our faculties since 2005are
1. Dr. Madhulika Pathak (2005- 2018)
2. Dr. Manju Kandpal (2017-2022)
3. Dr. Ritu Singh (2017 onwards)
4. Dr. Tanuja Bisht (2018 onwards)
5. Dr. Sharad Chand Mishra (2023 onwards)

Laboratory facilities available at our department are
Two Laboratories is modernized with
• Lab working tables.
• Gas pipeline
• RO water plant
• The modern instruments / equipment
o UV – visible Spectrophotometer
o Melting point apparatus
o Double distillation unit
o Oven

o Colorimeter
o Chemical Balance
o Digital Electronic Balances
o Bunsen burner
o Digital Conductivity meter
o Polarimeter
o Heating Mental
o pH/ Conductivity meter
o Temperature controlled water bath
• Learning resources
• Computers with internet facility
• Departmental library
• Downloaded Videos and PPTs
• Manuals for Practical
• ICT enabled Smart classroom.
• Periodic Table chart
• Charts based on course.
• Ball and stick models to construct carbon compounds.



To build foundation for excellence and spur development of the institution as a premier department, by nurturing enthusiasm, interests, and passion, in the study of chemistry.


To awaken the young budding minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical chemistry, through dedication to teaching commitment to students and innovative instructional methods.
To support the developmental activities of the college in all aspects and makes the department vibrant.